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This library is a collection of both files & resources as well as Stories, Patterns, Frameworks and Methodologies/Approaches. The tabs below allow you to filter the library items.

 We are curating stories that demonstrate Positive Handprints and Thrivability in action.  Individuals, groups and businesses each have their own unique story that shows what it means to be Thrivable. A Positive Handprint story represents the realistic challenges that we face, and show the Positive Handprint we can achieve. Be encouraged and inspired to build your own Positive Handprint by viewing some of the stories below. This page is still being curated, so get in contact and help us generate your Positive Handprint story!
Each of our stories are created with patterns. Understanding patterns of ourselves and others can successfully and efficiently guide us through our journey to creating a Positive Handprint. By understanding Thrivability patterns, we are more likely to learn from our past experiences and design our professional endeavours or projects according to what best suits us. Patterns help us to predetermine less productive activities and identify a more opportunistic approach to the way we conduct ourselves. The Positive Handprint patterns are based on bio-mimicry, systems thinking and social sciences. Please see Frameworks and Methods to see how this applies in practise.

The Positive Handprint framework centres around the 5 P’s of Thrivability: Place, Profit, Purpose and Passion. Each of the P’s are interconnected with one another, and represent unique opportunities for exploration into our personal and professional lives. Positive Handprints has developed a number of Thrivability templates, which can be used by schools, businesses, community groups and even individuals that support thrivable practices.
We will be updating this section with our Design-to-Thrive methodology shortly.
 This Resources section provides an abundance of information to research about Thrivability and positive impact (Positive Handprint) making. We will be adding our first publications to this section this month. Do you have a publication to recommend to this section?

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We’re inviting contributions and contributing editors/authors/facilitators to develop our resources section.

Would you like to share your work, or support us to curate resources and case studies that will support our community to make more impactful Positive Handprints?

If this sounds like you, please email team@positivehandprints.org and we’ll share how you can become involved!

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