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Creating a world of Positive Handprints!

We’re launching the Positive Handprints Foundation’s first public campaign -
The 1st annual GREAT BIG HANDPRINT Awards!! 

Why might I support this campaign?

If you feel that the right tools, platforms and collective awareness can help us to be more engaged citizens, consumers and future builders, join us & make a donation!

If you feel that businesses who are REALLY starting to design their activities around social and environmental GOOD should be rewarded with more publicity and community support, join us & make a donation!

If you feel that our education should involve systemic literacy (understanding interdependance, relational intelligence and full-cycle accounting), and learning the skills to reverse engineer the most positive outcomes we can dream up (instead of just focussing on prescribed answers and narrow-perspective limiting world stories)… join us and make a donation!
We are building global awareness of Positive Handprints through these awards… Education pilot programmes for kindergarten to university level are our next focus! **

What can I do?


  • EVEN A $5 DONATION will act as a +1 vote for this project, and show businesses and organisations that you want to see them making Positive Handprints, too.
  • A t-shirt will make you an ambassador to the world (and you’ll look great doing it!).
  • Businesses & Organisations can become supporters and partners, and will receive incredibly valuable support through membership & consulting packages that will help them to make and communicate their Positive Handprints, and engage their communities.
Like it, Share it:
  • Follow us, tweet it, like it, send it… yep, it takes first followers and early adopters to create a movement, so share this with your friends and colleagues! Especially those who deserve some recognition for doing good in the world! (You’ll find links to our facebook and twitter accounts in the site header).
  • If you haven’t already, sign up for updates!
  • Send us an email if you can contribute your time and skills to help us get this project into the world in the most powerful and impactful way we can!
and most important…
Make a Positive Handprint:
  • The world needs YOU and the amazing gift of your passionate, purposeful, healthy involvement!



So what is a Positive Handprint, and why should I care?

Positive Handprints are our positive actions towards a world where we can all thrive. They take into account the 5Ps of Sustainability – People, Planet, Profit, Purpose, Passion; asking both ‘what’s in it for me?’ AND ‘how do i meet the needs/wellbeing of the whole system?’.
Positive Handprints recognise that inter-dependant thriving is enlightened self-interest!

We KNOW that fear, guilt and impending doom are not effective motivators for long term behaviour change.
We KNOW that when we are inspired, having fun, passionate and purposefully engaged, we can draw on greater depths of tenacity, creativity and will to engage.
We KNOW there are lots of reasons this world can be better than it is. (understatement?)
We EVEN KNOW how to fix it. (Yes, collectively, we do have the ability to respond).

So, what is needed is a collective culture of inspiration, engagement, and positive actions. It’s time to get fired up! Each in our own unique ways, bringing the fullness of our humanity to our worlds and our work…

Collectively, it’s time to birth a new world story.

We are building platforms and tools to empower this movement, in a way that can be entrenched into our existing systems of work, study and daily practices.
We want to share their stories, empower their actions, and inspire others.
We want to to support MORE people to make Positive Handprints integral to their core practice.
We want to educate new generations about the importance of the 5Ps of Sustainability in their thinking and their actions, and show them that they can engineer the world they most want to live in.

We want people to KNOW that there are many ways to profit, and that the win-win-win alternative is TRULY the MOST PROFITABLE choice.

We want a world, where everyone asks: What’s YOUR Positive Handprint?

Join us: http://is.gd/3y3GKc

The campaign runs from now, until Dec 14, 2012, on Start Some Good.

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